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Young People

Children at St John's

At St John's Church we encourage children to have an active place in the church. On Sunday mornings we have Junior Church which provides a good quality programme of teaching materials led by experienced and dedicated teachers. These activities begin at 10.30am for all ages 2- 18! The children and young people then come into the church service in time to take part at Communion*. It is important for everyone to be together for Communion as this is a sacrament which unifies the whole church. Once a month, usually the first Sunday in the month we are all together for church beginning at 10.30am. Here the children and young people take an active part in the service - reading from the Bible, leading the prayers, acting a sketch or singing songs.

In the church we also have a children's corner where very young children can play safely during the service. We also have activity bags for babies and young children who want to sit with their parents during the service.

Those who come to Junior Church can also come to Adventure Club on Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 7.30pm. At Adventure Club there are games, craft activities and a tuck shop

A large feature of being in Junior Church is taking part in the annual pantomime (although its not compulsory!). Rehearsals begin in October and the performances are during half term in February. We have three performances to full audiences.

Click here to see our 'Safeguarding and Staff Recruitment' statement


When a child is in the first year of secondary school and has been a regular member of Junior Church we invite them to prepare for confirmation. Confirmation is an important event in the life of an Anglican Christian. When a baby or small child is baptised the parents and god-parents make promises to bring the child up according the teachings of Jesus Christ. When a child reaches 11 or 12 we invite them to make (confirm) those decisions for themselves. Many children these days are not baptised as babies but this does not mean they cant be confirmed. They will be baptised and confirmed on the same occasion.

At a confirmation service, the Bishop lays his hands on the head of the person and prays for the Holy Spirit to anoint them with His presence so that they may live out the Christian life with His help.

*Adults, and young people who are confirmed share bread and wine as Jesus did with his disciples at the last supper. Young people who have not been confirmed have a special blessing.

We take assemblies at Dudley Wood Primary School and invite classes into the church for special Christmas and Easter events. Sometimes the schools hold an improvised christening or wedding at St John's which is always a joyous occasion!

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